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This is how the process works

Omaha Mudjacking & Concrete Lifting Inc. achieves a longer lasting result compared to the traditional mudjacking with a lightweight material that requires smaller and fewer injection holes. This is also known as foam jacking or foam lifting.


Foam jacking is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete.  Concrete raising can usually be done for 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of pouring new concrete.  However, the savings may be greater when raising concrete with the cost of the demolition, removal, and the pouring of new concrete are eliminated and the process is done in hours instead of days. Most foam jacking projects can be completed quickly and economically with minimal disruption, and are ready to use the same day.  The drill holes are 5 /8” instead of the 1” to 1 5/8” which makes them virtually invisible.


On the day of your work, holes are strategically drilled into the concrete slab that requires lifting.  The equipment remains in the parked truck while the foam jacking crew pulls out a sufficient length of hose to accommodate the area that is being raised.  Polyurethane foam is injected under the slab, filling the voids and raising it to the correct level. After the injection is completed the holes are patched with cement. The concrete slab can be walked on immediately and driven on 15 minutes upon completion. The repair typical takes 1-2 hours based on the needs and size of your project.

We push our team to implement the smoothest and most cost-effective practice. Making it easier for the customers.

A better process to lift your concrete

Omaha Mudjacking & Concrete Lifting Inc. innovates our process for you. We want to leave our footprint across the Metro area as a leader rather than a follower of the traditional mudjacking. Our foam jacking is a light-weight process and does not require as large of injection holes as traditional Mudjacking making it less noticeable.

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