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100% Guarantee

Our Limited Guarantee is as follows:


*5 years of date of the installation


*30-day warranty on caulking


On all residential concrete raising Omaha Mudjacking & Concrete Lifting Inc. will re-lift, if necessary, to any areas that have resettled more than a quarter inch. Foam jacking can last many years or decades, because our product is Polyurethane, so it will not settle or deteriorate over time. However, if the ground is not 100% compacted or there continues to be soil washed out under the product this may reoccur. If it does, these slabs can be lifted back into place again using the same holes.  There may be a service fee applied for the truck to return for a re-lift not covered under the limited guarantee or any other reason. This guarantee is void if the customer does not seal all cracks/joints on the concrete, divert water from down spouts, landscaping, and maintain backfill along the concrete involved or if resettling occurs as a results of flooding or other acts of God.


Omaha Mudjacking & Concrete Lifting Inc. is not responsible for damage to the plumbing or electrical, cracks in floors or walls, and any damage which has occurred or might occur as a result of the settling or foam jacking process.  Price is subject to change, with customer(s) approval, if the void under the concrete is greater than anticipated.

Caulking of all cracks, joints and water diversion of lifted areas need to done after service to insure 100% Guarantee for 5 years.  A 30-day warranty on caulking.  Failure to do so, the guarantee is void.

Limited guarantee makes sure you are covered

Within a 5-year period, if any areas have resettled more than a quarter inch, we will re-lift them. After 5 years, further damages are no longer accountable on us and our guarantee.

lifted area

Useful Tips

When you foam jacking work is completed, it is ready for use within 15 minutes.

The drill hole patches will begin to face and blend with the existing concrete in approximately 4-5 weeks.  If the patches do not seem to be blending to your satisfaction, they can be buffed with a “rub rock” or sandpaper.  Rub rocks are available in the concrete section of most hardware/home improvement stores.


If you have any surface cracks, we recommend that those areas by caulked with a polyurethane caulk.  This type of caulk is available at most hardware/home improvement stores. Caulking of cracks and joints can either be done yourself or by Omaha Mudjacking & Concrete Lifting Inc.


Caulking is an important step in stopping water from getting under the concrete slabs, which can lead to erosion and/or a frost heave.  It will also improve the appearance of the concrete surfaces.


For cracks up to ¾” wide:


MATERIALS NEEDED: Wire brush, caulk gun, polyurethane concrete caulk, acetone, old butter knife/small scraper, rubber gloves and play sand.


  • Remove any existing caulk. Take a wire brush to clean out the cracks.  The caulk needs to adhere to concrete surface.

  • Fill any deep cracks with play sand.  The sand should fill the crack about ½’ from the concrete surface.

  • Place a bead of caulk in the crack - make sure there is a good bond to both sides.

  • Smooth out the caulk bead(s) by dipping the butter knife/scraper in acetone and tooling the surface – scraping off any excess caulk that flows onto the surrounding surface.

  • Lightly sprinkle sand on the top of the caulk surface to prevent the urethane from sticking to any foot traffic, leaves, pets, insects, and etc.

  • Try to avoid traffic in this area for 48 hours.  

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